Year Organization Funds Awarded Program Supported
2024 American Association of Teachers of German $172,550.80 Three years of additional support of the Summer Study Abroad Scholarship program
2024 American Council on Germany $108,900 Two additional years of funding for the Leadership Mission on Agricultural Policy, an exchange between agricultural experts in Germany and Georgia
2024 Dalton Public Schools $23,000 Funding for travel and accomodations of Dalton's German Dual Language Immersion teachers to attend the Conference on Immersion and Dual Language Education
2024 Dalton Public Schools $7,000 Funding to support the purchase of reading materials and literacy texts for elementary school students in the German Dual Language Immersion Program
2024 Dalton Public Schools $10,800 Funding to defray costs for print and digital teaching resources for middle school students in the German Dual Language Immersion Program
2024 Emory University $36,000 Three years of funding to support students living in the German House, an immersive German language residential hall on the Emory campus
2024 Emory University $9,600 Three years of fuding to support an internship/host family stay for a German studies student at Theodor Heuss Gymnasium
2024 German American Exchange $13,856 One year of funding to support two weekends cultural excursions and networking activities for students interning in Germany
2024 Georgia Boy Choir $136,030 Supports a performing tour of the Georgia Boy Choir through Germany in 2025
2024 Helmut-Rau-Schule $10,500 Supports travel and cultural excursions of Dalton Middle School students visiting as part of their GAPP exchange program
2024 Piedmont University $12,000 Seed funding to revitalize Piedmont University's German program
2024 Piedmont University $66,680 Funding to support a bilateral leadership and academix exchange between Piedmont University and the University of Paderborn
2024 Rudolf-Steiner-Schule $35,000 Grant to support the school's orchestra in travelling to the Waldorf School of Atlanta in 2025, where they will collaborate with the Waldorf School's orchestra and participate in a cultural program
2024 Theodor Heuss Gymnasium $20,000 Support for a two-week exchange and job shadowing program in Atlanta for twelfth grade students at the Gymnasium
2024 University of Georga Law School $57,612 Funding for two students per year for three years to participate in a semester-long internship at law firms in Germany
2024 Dalton Public Schools $1,500 Support for the fifth grade German Dual Language Immersion Program to participate in a workshop at the Goethe Zentrum of Atlanta
2024 Various Institutions $10,100 Grant to support the attendance of students and teachers at the German Studies Association Conference in Septeber
2024 American Association of Teachers of German $3,750 Scholarship support for an exemplary high school student to attend an intensive language and European politics course at the University of Rostock
2024 City Schools of Decatur $6,600 Grant to support a cultural exchange and educational enrichment program between City Schools of Decatur and the Berlin State Department of Education
2024 Tiger Strikes Asteroid $4,550 Funding to support the realization of an art exhibition of Berlin-based artists in Atlanta and community program related to German art and culture
2024 German Studies Association $20,000 Grant to underwrite expenses associated with the German Studies Association Conference in September
2024 American German Institute (Formerly AICGS) $189,900 Three years of additional funding to support the Halle Internship program
2024 Carl Duisberg Centren $33,935 Funding to support the participation of students from Chamblee High School to participate in a two week intensive language course in Radolfzell, Germany
2024 Chamblee High School $2,504 Funding to support an exploratory mission of Chamblee High School's assistant principal to Freiburg and Munich
2024 Dalton Public Schools $38,000 Funding to support a high school and middle school exchange to Germany, development opportunities for German immersion teachers, and a German immersion teacher conference
2024 Emory university Political Science Department $78,750 Three years of funding of a needs-based scholarship for ten students per year to participate in a six-week study abroad program based in Berlin
2024 European Alpine Academy $45,000 Funding for a month-long educational program in Murnau for college students from the US and Germany to engage with German arts and culture
2024 Georgia College and State University $96,000 Two years of funding to send 16 business students to Muenster for two weeks to collaborate with German students in a Design Thinking Work Practicum
2024 Georgia Gwinnett College $25,000 Funding for international business students to attend a 60 hour Goethe Zentrum course and embark on  ten-day study tour in Munich and Berlin
2024 Georgia Southern University $54,870 Support for a performing tour of the university's string camerata through Germany
2024 German Immersion Parent Association $5,000 Funding to aid in start-up costs and social events related to the association
2024 Goethe Zentrum $45,250 Three years of funding for ten Goethe Zentrum teachers per year to receive professional development training
2024 Heilwig Gymnasium $25,000 Funding to support a bilateral exchange between students at Heilwig Gymnasium and the Atlanta International School
2024 Kennesaw State University $164,000 Expansion and continuation of support for Kennesaw State University's "German 4 All" Program
2024 Morehouse College $150,000 Three years of funding to assist ten students from the AUCC per year to attend a six-week study abroad program
2024 Muhlenberg Center for American Studies $12,000 Funding to support three years of exchange for two Georgia Southern Students per year to attend Martin Luther University over the summer semester
2024 Terrex Gmbh. $68,050 Three years of funding to support the participation 8-10 students per year in an archaeological excavation in Wareswald, Germany
2024 University of Georgia $150,000 Three years of funding to support 20 students per year to attend a three-week study abroad program in Berlin which focuses on film, art, and cultural history
2024 University of Georgia $70,000 (1) Continuation of support for the semester/yearlong study abroad and intensive language course at LMU Munich and (2) two years of funding for a condensed 8-week summer study abroad program at LMU Munich
2024 University of Paderborn $44,000 Four years of funding to support a Georgia academic to visit and teach a seminar at the University of Paderborn for 4-6 weeks
2024 University of Paderborn $120,000 Four years of funding to support student exchange activities between Georgia institutions and the University of Paderborn
2024 University of West Georgia $32,000 Funding to launch a pilot program for a needs-based scholarship to support a total of four students with majors and minors in German
2024 University of West Georgia $34,000 Creation of a needs-based scholarship program to support students participating in the University of West Georgia's summer study abroad program in Vienna
2024 World Affairs Council $70,964 Continuation of support for the Global Leadership Training Program, which provides professional development in Germany to young and mid-career professionals
2024 World Affairs Council $8,000 Funding to support the creation of three high-level educational programs focusing on German politics
2023 Atlanta International School $20,720 Funding for the school's German immersion program, including German language books and language learning applications
2023 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra $250,000 Funding for a three-week festival of concerts and lectures exploring German Romantic composers in April 2024
2023 Atlantic-Brücke e.V. $40,000 Expansion of the New Bridge program, which aims to include underrepresented groups in the transatlantic partnership
2023 Centennial High School German Department $20,000 Supports a two-week bilateral exchange program including funding for 12-15 students at Centennial High School for study at Borbeck Gymnasium in Essen, Germany. 
2023 Dalton Public Schools $24,000 Funding to attract and support four German teachers for the school's German immersion program
2023 Dalton Public Schools $15,668 Funding for two years to continue a bilateral exchange program between Dalton High School and Martino-Katharineum Gymnasium in Braunschweig, Germany
2023 Dalton Public Schools $4,500 Supports a 10-day faculty trip to Berlin for teachers to attend Checkpoint Charlie Foundation's Educational Enrichment Program
2023 Decatur High School $12,000 Needs-based scholarship support for high school's student educational travel to Germany
2023 Felix Fechenbach Berufskolleg $41,705 Continuation of a bilateral work/educational exchange betwee the Atlanta Technical College and Felix Fechenbach vocational college in Detmold, Germany
2023 Georgia Department of Education $22,000 Supports a one-week trip for state officials to interact with German schools currently engaged in agriculture-based collaboration with Georgia high schools and colleges
2023 German American Chamber of Commerce $101,500 One-year extension of  current support for promotion of apprenticeship programs and the German workforce development model
2023 Heilwig Gymnasium $10,000 Funding for inbound exchange program with up to 20 middle school students from Germany visiting the Atlanta International School
2023 Steffen Thomas Museum & Archives $50,000 Supports two years of public screenings of a documentary about German artist Steffen Thomas at locations around the state of Georgia in 2024 and 2025
2023 Theodor Heuss Gymnasium $20,000 One-year extension of an inbound exchange program bringing 32 German high school students to Atlanta for two weeks
2022 Agnes Scott College $7,500 Support for a book reading and other cultural events in Atlanta with author Andrea Wulf
2022 Atlanta Chamber Players $29,000 Support of performances in 2023 and 2024 of works by German composers
2022 The Atlanta Opera $250,000 Funding to support the prduction and presentation of the first two parts of Wagner's Ring Cycle: Das Rheingold and Die Walkurle
2022 Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange $25,000 Funding to create a 10-day senior leadership training program in 2023 for senior German police officials
2022 American Assoc. of Teachers of German, Georgia Chapter $29,820 Three years of scholarship funding to support a High School Student of the Year and College Student of the Year in participating in intensive language training in Germany, professional development for a High School Teacher of the Year, and a research stipend for the College Professor of the Year
2022 American Council on Germany $66,320 Support for two years of bilateral exchange between young agricultural experts in Germany and Georgia
2022 Atlantik-Bruecke $47,525 Funding to support the New Bridge Program, which sends 15 young professionals from underrepresented  backgrounds to Washington DC, Germany, and Brussels
2022 Carl Duisberg Centren $12,774 Funding to support two weeks of intensive language training in Radolfzell for students from Chamblee High School and Atlanta International School 
2022 Community Health Aligning Revitalization Resilience and Stustainability $40,000 Grant to support a one-week summer camp for minority youth to virutally connect with German youth and learn about climate change, as well as meet with experts in the field in Atlanta
2022 Felix Fechenbach Berufskolleg $30,180 Supports the longstanding exchange between FFB and Atlanta Technical College
2022 Georgia Gwinnett College $40,000 Grant to send faculty and staff from the Center for International Business and Exchange to Germany for week to explore partnerships for a permanent exchange program
2022 Georgia Tech $108,763 Grant to create the Claus Halle Graduate Assistantship for graduate students studying Global media and Cultures, Applied Languages, and Intercultural Studies
2022 Georgia Tech $84,000 Grant to underwrite students' costs associated with the German Business Language and Technology exchange in Germany
2022 Georgia Tech $43,740 Supports creation and support of the Claus Halle Gateway Scholarship
2022 Seminole County Middle-High School $8,400.00 Support for a delegation to finalize a virtual exchange program with Fachoberschule Schönbrunn in Landshut, Bavaria
2022 Transatlantic Outreach Program / Goethe Institut $58,244.00 A one-week study tour for key stakeholders in Georgia's adoption of the German Workforce development model
2022 Transatlantic Outreach Program / Goethe Institut $86,785.00 Support for a two-week study trip for HBCU students pursuing a career as educators
2022 University of Georgia $36,000.00 Three-years of support for a total of six undergraduates to complete three-month internships at the Georgia Europe office in Munich
2022 University of West Georgia $25,000.00 Funding for ten students who have had their summer abroad programs cancelled to seek internships with German employers
2022 World Affairs Council of Atlanta $39,830.00 Support for a week-long international leadership travel seminar for the Council's under-35 young leaders
2021 American Assoc. of Teachers of German $137,775 10 scholarships per year for three years of the AATG Summer Study Program
2021 German American Chamber of Commerce $219,325 Two years support for expansion of the CATT workforce development program built on the German apprenticeship model
2021 World Affairs Council $14,000 2021 Q4 and 2022 programming focused on German-US relations
2021 International Farm Youth Exchange $45,000 Support for six rural Georgians in a three-month homestay exchange in rural Germany
2021 The High Museum $5,850 Travel funding to secure loans for German works at the 2023 Perils of the Deep exhibit
2021 Georgia Boy Choir $125,000 Funding for the German portion of the Georgia Boy Choir's 2022 Alpine Tour
2021 American Institute of Contemporary German Studies $174,000 Three-year grant to support six Georgian students within AICGS' internship program
2021 Emory University $41,336 2021-2022 Berlin Winter study trip for twelve students and two faculty
2021 Emory University $77,462 Three-year expansion of Vienna Summer study trip to include three-week component in Freiburg for fourteen students
2021 Georgia State University $300,000 Three-year expansion of bilateral student exchange program with Friedrich-Alexander University in Bavaria
2021 Georgia Southern University $87,288 Addition of two-week German travel component as a part of Summer Engineering program, in collaboration with Technische Hochshule Ingolstadt
2021 Georgia Southern University $100,000 Funding for participation in 2022 GSU Chorale Summer Competition Tour, with stops in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, and Bavaria
2021 Georgia Tech $7,032 Halle Gateway Scholarship for two German graduate students
2021 Georgia Tech $36,565 Halle Fellows travel funding for two graduate students
2021 Georgia Youth Ambassadors $21,050 Expansion of Summer international leadership program for minority Atlanta High School students
2021 Goethe Zentrum $87,400 Assistance with attracting new Language Program Director, expanding professional development, and technology upgrades for expansion of virtual education