Year Awarded Organization Funds Awarded Program Supported
2022 University of Georgia $20,000.00 Incentive funding for students participating in the UGA exchange with Ludwig-Maximiliams-Universitat in Munich
2022 University of Georgia $220,000.00 Two-year extension of the German-Engineering Karlsruhe exchange program
2022 Uni-Bigband Halle $31,400.00 Support for a nine day concert tour for the Uni-Bigband Halle in the Savannah area
2022 Georgia Southern University $46,362.75 Financial support for student participants in the Bamberg Minimester summer study program
2022 Georgia Southern University $43,505.00 Support for a 14 day tour of Germany in summer 2023 for the Georgia Southern Trumpet Ensemble
2022 Georgia Boy Choir $134,400.00 Support for the Georgia Boy Choir's Summer 2023 tour in Bavaria
2022 City Schools of Decatur $14,000.00 Support for a bilateral teacher exchange focusing on pedagogical methods for teaching English as a second language
2022 Chattahoochee Technical College $8,180.00 Support for a two week student/faculty exchange with Berufskolleg Halle
2022 Carl Duisberg Centren $25,770.00 Funds to continue and expand Carl Duisberg Centren and Chamblee High School's summer study in Germany program
2022 Theodor Heuss Gymnasium $7,500.00 Support for a two-week Atlanta visit for German high school students
2022 The Atlanta Opera $250,000.00 Three-year funding commitment to perform the first two opera's of Wagner's Ring Cycle, accompanied by cultural and educational programming
2022 Atlanta Chamber Players $29,000.00 Three-year commitment to fund the performance of two German compositions and to commission two composers to write companion pieces inspired by these works
2022 Agnes Scott College $7,500.00 Support for an on-campus reading of "Magnificent Rebels" by author Andrea Wulf
2022 American Assoc. of Teachers of German - GA Chapter $29,820.00 Three-year commitment to fund travel to Germany for recipients of AATG-GA's award winners
2022 American Assoc. of Teachers of German $10,800.00 Amendment to previous AATG travel grant to fund a Georgia-based German teacher chaperone
2022 American Council on Germany $23,200.00 Funding for a weekend-long strategic planning retreat for the directors of ACG's twenty two Warburg chapters, to be held at the Halle Estate
2022 American Council on Germany $43,120.00 Two-year bilateral exchange of experts in farming, agriculture, and sustainability between Georgia and Germany
2022 Atlantik-Brücke $47,525.82 Support for the New Bridge travel program focused on involving underrepresented groups in the transatlantic partnership
2022 Carl Duisberg Centren / Chamblee High School $12,774.00 Two-week homestay, education, and cultural experience in Germany for ten students from Chamblee's German Immersion program
2022 Community Health Aligning Revitalization Resilience & Sustainability (CHARRS) $40,000.00 Funding for a one-week summer camp connecting Georgian and German youth on the topic of climate change
2022 Felix Fechenbach Berufskolleg $30,180.00 A one-year extension of the bilateral exchange between Felix Fechenbach and Atlanta Technical College
2022 Georgia Gwinnett College $40,000.00 Funding for an exploratory delegation to Germany to pursue a permanent exchange program
2022 Georgia Tech $108,763.38 Three-year extension to the Claus Halle Graduate Assistantship supporting six graduate students pursuing German studies
2022 Georgia Tech $84,000.00 Three-year extension of the LBAT summer study-abroad program in Düsseldorf, Munich, and Berlin
2022 Georgia Tech $43,740.00 Three-year extension of the Claus Halle Gateway Fellowship, which supports undergraduates taking graduate-level German courses
2022 Seminole County Middle-High School $8,400.00 Support for a delegation to finalize a virtual exchange program with Fachoberschule Schönbrunn in Landshut, Bavaria
2022 Transatlantic Outreach Program / Goethe Institut $58,244.00 A one-week study tour for key stakeholders in Georgia's adoption of the German Workforce development model
2022 Transatlantic Outreach Program / Goethe Institut $86,785.00 Support for a two-week study trip for HBCU students pursuing a career as educators
2022 University of Georgia $36,000.00 Three-years of support for a total of six undergraduates to complete three-month internships at the Georgia Europe office in Munich
2022 University of West Georgia $25,000.00 Funding for ten students who have had their summer abroad programs cancelled to seek internships with German employers
2022 World Affairs Council of Atlanta $39,830.00 Support for a week-long international leadership travel seminar for the Council's under-35 young leaders
2021 American Assoc. of Teachers of German $137,775 10 scholarships per year for three years of the AATG Summer Study Program
2021 German American Chamber of Commerce $219,325 Two years support for expansion of the CATT workforce development program built on the German apprenticeship model
2021 World Affairs Council $14,000 2021 Q4 and 2022 programming focused on German-US relations
2021 International Farm Youth Exchange $45,000 Support for six rural Georgians in a three-month homestay exchange in rural Germany
2021 The High Museum $5,850 Travel funding to secure loans for German works at the 2023 Perils of the Deep exhibit
2021 Georgia Boy Choir $125,000 Funding for the German portion of the Georgia Boy Choir's 2022 Alpine Tour
2021 American Institute of Contemporary German Studies $174,000 Three-year grant to support six Georgian students within AICGS' internship program
2021 Emory University $41,336 2021-2022 Berlin Winter study trip for twelve students and two faculty
2021 Emory University $77,462 Three-year expansion of Vienna Summer study trip to include three-week component in Freiburg for fourteen students
2021 Georgia State University $300,000 Three-year expansion of bilateral student exchange program with Friedrich-Alexander University in Bavaria
2021 Georgia Southern University $87,288 Addition of two-week German travel component as a part of Summer Engineering program, in collaboration with Technische Hochshule Ingolstadt
2021 Georgia Southern University $100,000 Funding for participation in 2022 GSU Chorale Summer Competition Tour, with stops in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, and Bavaria
2021 Georgia Tech $7,032 Halle Gateway Scholarship for two German graduate students
2021 Georgia Tech $36,565 Halle Fellows travel funding for two graduate students
2021 Georgia Youth Ambassadors $21,050 Expansion of Summer international leadership program for minority Atlanta High School students
2021 Goethe Zentrum $87,400 Assistance with attracting new Language Program Director, expanding professional development, and technology upgrades for expansion of virtual education